I have recently attended two graduations, and in our family, there are three graduates. So once again, I get to revisit our high school grounds. I saw my previous teachers both in elementary and high school, as well as the supervisors and officers at school. I’m glad to see our security guard in the elementary department who was already there during my kindergarten years. Some of my teachers have already retired, and I was told that more have been forced to retire. It’s just sad because they have given so much for the school, and they are asked to leave just like that. Many of them were already there when my dad was still studying, or when my elder cousins were studying there, and when we were still schooling, and right now they have become my nephews and niece’s teachers. I hope the school could find some place for them, to let them come back. I’m grateful I was able to catch a glimpse of them, I got to wave to a few of them, but mostly I just stayed at the sidelines.

Our auditorium is already renovated and fully air-conditioned. Before the chairs are made of wood, now it’s replaced with cushioned chairs; and it’s previously ventilated with fans. Glad for the chance to see my nephew and niece graduate, and to spend time with my cousin and her family. The commencement exercise already concluded.  I felt quite refreshed and touched by the dedication of the teachers, as well as the hard work of the students for their accomplishments, a job well done! And thanks for the parents who worked very hard for the education of their children.

To the Graduates of class 2012, happy graduation and congratulations!


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