I saw my sister’s post about school supplies and I remembered having the same feeling sometime last year when I was in an office warehouse. I accompanied my cousin who was looking for some materials for his son’s poject/home economics requirements; as well as the other time that they were looking for pens and clearbooks. The same thought crossed my mind, that it’s been a long time since I haven’t bought a pen. I remember going with dad to the National Bookstore and we would pick out some things we’d need for the entire school year, the supplies lasted a long time, some of which is still available till now. Dad used to buy in bundles, (of index cards, pads, bond papers, art papers, construction papers, graphing papers, ballpens, folders, brown envelopes, manila paper, etc.) so there were times that we don’t have to shop for our needs in school for the succeeding years because we still have stock in our closets. Then there were times that I would visit our school’s bookstore or some small supplies store near our school to buy sotme immediate needs. I would pick out a few notebooks then to write my stories, which now I realize just cost Php5.00 then or Php11.00. Nowadays, the ones I pick up are much expensive; at times, I’d buy a long pad paper or yellow paper and just scribble on it. Later on, I’d just find a Panda pen (scented and unscented), Leone pen, Pilot pen, colored pens, that I can use to write long themes. I guess I kept on practicing since then, and I’m still not stopping now, whether it’s in handwritten form or encoded form. I also received freebies or gifts of notebooks and pens so I no longer get the chance to buy anymore.



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