Automated, with reservation

We are automatically programmed to give in to the commands of this world or in our case whichever they see fit and we have to comply. I’m okay with the adjustments, I’m quite used to it. I can withstand the surprises, there are too many of them. But I have to realign myself and keep them from piling up, since they are not prepared to listen. I don’t want to reach to a point where I’ll be like a bomb ready to explode or have a surface as thin as a bubble and easily bursts. It’s a constant struggle and when the other party has no means to appease you, then I don’t think I want to pour much effort anymore. I can reserve some for myself too.
She mentioned about reaching her age and realizing that life is short. We too have the same view, that life is short and we want to spend it with people who value us, who are important to us and not those that don’t want to reach out. I’ll take the advice of my mentor, to maintain a thread of faith, something that I believe in and hold on to it, that despite all the odds I’ll be fine.


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