Those were the days…

…when we dreamed of being a child, with nothing to worry about and just playing all day long
…when we dreamed of a profession, dressed up in labgown and suits, using the props as if they were real, treating the line-up of patients and customers (only that they are stufftoys), pretending to be teachers, doctor, playing every game that -an can be added to… and we get to where we are right now
…when we dreamed of being a hero, played hide-and-seek, and the “it” could be the caretaker of the penthouse; as if filming a suspense-thriller movie, we silently tiptoe and duck in the covers, then run to reach the other side and then back again to base.
…when we became resourceful in the middle of power outage, played with shadows, multiple deck of cards all combined together, setting up the mini TV (in black&white) and awaiting the episode of Ghost Fighter and after setting everything up the power comes back…or singing to the Lambchops Play-along’s song “This is a song that never ends…” aired on iChannel or playing the knock-knock, who’s there?
…when we dreamed of reaching a goal, playing crystal maze and takeshi castle, mimicking and remaking the challenges shown on TV (They didn’t say don’t do this at home) or hiding the cards (some were really hard and were found later on)
…when the adults have more patience in listening to the stories and “kakulitan” of the children and give out a few good laughs, at some point they might become angry but easily get carried away by the innocent faces
…when we could enjoy reruns of Lulu and still never get tired of it.
…when we could sing all afternoon even when out of tune
…when we shared horror stories and realize that everyone’s aiming for the door
…when we enjoyed the kids time together while the adults are busy singing karaoke while having dinner in the restaurant we used to frequent but is closed now.
…when we learned how to make leche flan and cassava cake from grandmother but the resulting product is quite different from what we imagined (skills are improving now)
…when we eat in a restaurant, the children sit together and the adults on another table, the dishes are different and when we are done eating, play a game of jack en poy, where there will be a king, a queen and a jack, each one will get the chance to PK and take that seat
…when we learn a lot of new things and enjoy or squirm upon doing them

those were the days when we had a lot of fun and things were quite simple, now, we can still make a new set of those days, we don’t have to stop recreating and reminiscing…


3 thoughts on “Those were the days…

  1. Reminiscing indeed. 🙂
    I remember:
    tetris on gameboy, snowman/super mario on family comp, ghost fighter on sega, mario kart/bomber man on nintendo;
    hide-and-seek, hide on the rooftop, parking lots, garbage!
    jammyfilledjam’s matress;
    little lulu indeed;
    we’re not doctors, chefs nor teachers (not yet too late…)
    patintero, touch-taya with the sunlight as base;
    marble as the crystal ball in the crystal maze;
    fixing each other’s hair; fixing barbie’s hair;
    card games; multiple cards;
    walang gustong magpatalo;
    jollibee or mcdo on the week-ends: sundae and fries;
    the ultimate childhood question: “anong gusto niyong gawin?”

  2. thus our competitive side has been honed at a very young age 🙂
    yup I remember the sundae and fries snack we have, yeah the ice-water game (sunlight as a base) and the variations of it: monkey-free, touch-que, etc.
    oh yeah, there’s also the plastic balloon, abuchili,
    and haha the matress, we played a lot of games with that – batuhan, guessing games, etc. grateful that the owner approved of our games 😉

  3. Yes, yes, yes!! Those were the days, very beautiful memories. And we were so creative with the games that we play hahaha

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