Bananaaaaa…Potatoooooo….cheered me up

I felt a bit off the weather yesterday. Is it because of the sudden change in temperature?
I walked without a specific destination, but I hear my stomach growling and had to find some place to eat.
Walked to the nearest fastfood area where I could grab some food and a cup of coffee that is not pricey.
I saw the security guard wearing a barong inside Mc Donald’s, I remember being helped by him back when I was still studying and someone approached my table and sat as if I know him.
A stranger that kept on asking about a lot of things that doesn’t concern him.
The security must have noticed my uneasiness that’s why he hovered around and then asked if I’m being bothered by this guy.
I remember telling the security that I don’t know this guy. Later, the guy stood up and leave. I, too, head back to the University feeling quite creeped out.
Years after, I’d hear of stories about fraternities lingering around, taking on some challenge and eyeing people.
I’m thankful that there’s another security there aside from the uniformed security guard. I’m glad that he’s still there to oversee the safety of the people and the place.

On my way back, I’ve met my cousin on campus who waved hi. I hope he’s sleeping well and the days of hardwork will be over soon with good results.
I also saw the librarian stationed at the baggage deposit area who smiles at me as he finishes his bottle of coke.

I realized I’ve wasted an hour where my mind wandered off again to something that would just stress me out and just ate up my energy. It’s hard when it lingers because circumstance repeats itself.

I should let it go, a diversion perhaps…
focus on the good things, good relationships that we have
and the countless blessings, the simple gist of daily life

My sister shared to me the trailer for Despicable Me 2. Thanks! This really cheered me up and the song kept on playing back in my head. Can’t help but laugh again and again while watching the trailer all over again.

Ba-ba-ba… Babanana…Potato naaaaaa…..Bananaaaaaa……..

………Potato hohooooooooo

I’m really looking forward to this movie 🙂



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