Listen to the Radio

Enjoyed reading the book that my cousin and my niece recommended entitled The Best of Chico and Delamar’s On Air: TOP 10 The Morning Rush. They’ve been looking for this book in the bookstores but it’s usually sold out. Good thing this time the branch of NBS we visited has a lot of copies. They gave us a copy. My cousin asked if I know them – Chico and Delamar. She is very fond of their tandem. I am familiar with them, years back when they’ve been featured in a variety show on TV, I’ve already seen them and occasionally I’d have listened to their show back then. I said, I like their voice, and they’re still the same till now, their rapport is smooth and their exchange is quite fun to listen to.

I’m not a radio listener, usually we have a CD played in the car except for the times that the CD is not working or we happen to ride in another person’s car, or when there’s no power that you’d have to find out about the news update. I think part of my dislike in tuning in to the radio is having a lot of commercial breaks before another music will be played. It’s fun sometimes to listen or watch the advertisements, but it can be really repetitive and sometimes feel tired hearing the same thing all over again. There are some programs that we have listened to and turned out to be not making much sense that I’d prefer to read a book or some quiet time or programs which have three hosts and they seem to wage a war on speaking all at the same time. On rare occasions, I get to listen to the AM radio where the announcers would share their opinions, brave comments about the government and some news while on the road, especially when we got stranded in the flood waiting for it to subside.

I remember being awaken to the tunes of Alanis Morisette’s Head Over Feet, Rick Price’s Heaven Knows when we were litte. Riding in a Singaporean friend’s car, he would tune in to a music station playing classical music, the orchestra or some jazz, and it would really be soothing to listen to that while taking a drive through the city. There was a time when we were younger that I would flip the music stations and find a station where they play classical music and land on that while trying to review for our exams. They said that listening to that time of music could help memory retention and makes the learning experience more pleasant.


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