What do I say?

Just watched a concert of Hebe, entitled To My Love 影音館. Happy for the chance to have a copy of the DVD even if we couldn’t watch it live. It’s a great concert, the type I’d like to attend. I like how they fused 古典音乐 with modern music creating a unique vibrant sound. I love Hebe’s voice and how she delivers the song, the words, the tones and her capacity to draw people in to her performance.

This song below reminded me of how difficult it is for us to say something sometimes, as if all that we say is not right no matter how we say it. It tells much about pondering on what to say that we wouldn’t feel lost, or be untrue to our own feelings and not recognize ourselves in the process. Sometimes we have to resist saying what other people don’t want to hear, or steer the gear towards satisfying what the counterpart wants to hear. At times we’d prefer to remain silent because people could get us wrong or we have to weigh what to say to make people happy. People might demand a response from us but they’d be quite furious if they hear what they didn’t want to hear. If you didn’t give an opinion or reaction, they’d still be angry. Sometimes people ask something they already have an answer to and no matter what you say, it won’t change anything because their mind is already made up. But they still want a second opinion, or more on a second demotion. I guess it’s just normal that we wanted people to agree with us, but I hope not every time, because that just make asking pointless and becomes tiring too on the part of the one being asked. We’d be better off keeping silent at times, less words, less mistakes. In the end of the song, the narrator just wanted to sing.



說 到底要說什麼呢
沒說的 最後也算成我的了
難道 一定得說些什麼

要說什麼 才能滿足你想知道的飢渴
要說什麼 讓每個人心滿意足地笑著
要說什麼 我的靈魂才不會慌得哭了
心 別睡著了

誰 誰在乎誰錯誰對
喔我的天 我用盡所有的迂迴
怎樣 能似是而非又完美
或是用力擠出一條事業線? Hey Yeah~

要說什麼 才能餵飽你那飢餓的雙耳
要說什麼 我的良心不會被嚇到拔腿就跑了
要說什麼 看著鏡子裡的自己不會認不得
我 比較想唱歌

要說什麼 誠懇才不會被口水淹沒了
要說什麼 其實我真的沒有非要說什麼不可
要說什麼 要說什麼才能什麼都不用再說了

我 只想要唱歌


Video from: youtube
Lyrics taken from: http://mojim.com/twy109122x5x3.htm

2 thoughts on “What do I say?

  1. It’s hard to find the perfect words, but it’s also hard to remain quiet. Sometimes, whatever we say is wrong, but sometimes, whatever we don’t say is also wrong.

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