When it feels like there no one else that can understand us, the One above never fails to understand us without question. He hears us even when nobody is ready to listen. He is greater than our fears and pain. He knows of our struggles and He’s been there before us, with us and will be there in what is to come. There are too many questions that pop up everyday, why something has to happen or this particular event occurred, and a long list of endless tasks we have to carry everyday. It will be easier because He carries much of the weight for us, it doesn’t mean that we won’t feel the hardships anymore but He splashes relief in our faces, just like quenching our thirst in a hot summer day.

Watching the behind-the-scenes of the filming of a drama or movie, we see the production team hiring doubles to perform the stunts, after the double performs the stunt, the actor or actress comes in to fill in some shots of expressions, a mimic of movement and to deliver the lines from the script. They are very impressed and at the same time nervous for the stuntman for performing the dangerous act, then express their thanks for filling in their place. Though there are some directors who ask the actors to do the action part with the corresponding safety measures and a demo or instruction of what they have to do. Sometimes it’s easier when we know someone else has been there or did the part that we’d feel more at ease in performing it too. I can’t help but applaud to those who are brave enough to brace the task they were asked to do. I’m grateful that God already tested the waters for us and even after that still guides us through the way.

From Max Lucado’s Grace for the Moment Volume II:

The Pioneer of Salvation

He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our inequities. ISAIAH 53:5

The one to whom we pray knows our feelings. He knows temptation. He has felt discouraged. He has been hungry and sleepy and tired. He knows what we feel like when the alarm clock goes off. He knows what we feel like when our children want different things at the same time. He nods in understanding when we pray in anger. He is touched when we tell him there is more to do than can ever be done. He smiles when we confess our weariness.

He wants us to remember that he, too, was human. He wants us to know that he, too, knew the dronic of the humdrum and the weariness that comes with long days. He wants us to remember that our trailblazer didn’t wear bulletproof vests or rubber gloves or an impenetrable suit of armor. No, he pioneered our salvation through the world that you and I face daily.


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