Expect the Unexpected

I have learned to not expect for something because nothing is fullproofed. I don’t get disappointed much because I don’t raise my expectations. But the adult world is full of expectations, we should be precise in what we plan, say and do. If there will be changes in their plans, we should be able to mold ourselves right away and there is no room for backing down. But if the changes come from you, you might not hear the end of it. They’d be disappointed at how disorganized the plan is or how everything changes abruptly. Every detail counts, and you should lay it out to them. They dislike change, whereas we should be adaptable to the surprises and should be strong enough to deal with those instances. One should be flexible. I could try to fit in where the spaces permit me. I just hope they could offer up some space too for changes that didn’t come from them. Maybe it’s because people wants to be in control of their schedule and time.

There are awkward instances that I’m used as a bridge, but there are times that I don’t feel good about being the middleman. It’s being put into a situation where you won’t know where to step next and if you did move the block, what outcome would it take you to? And then they don’t even listen to what you have to say or pretend not to hear it. I still carry out the task appointed to me, though how the other end would receive it is still a question. I don’t really like to burden them. I don’t expect things to go back to normal.

As with change, we get to find some good changes, if plan A didn’t work then go to plan B and so on, and we’d discover that what happened is actually very meaningful. It’s quite simple. But we all have our problem of letting things go, if something didn’t go as planned, we might linger on that too long. I can adapt to change, I don’t have a problem if there would be sudden change of plan. I just want to be informed, not to be the last to know, be surprised again or to always find out on my own what did change. But it is true that what we can really expect is the unexpected.


2 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. I forgot if it was 2009 or 2010, but all the plans I wrote down on my planner were not followed, because of people changing their minds.

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