The Chase

No experience is a cause of success or failure. We do not suffer from the shock of our experiences, so-called trauma – but we make out of them just what suits our purposes.
-Alfred Adler

Some thieves came in our store posing as customers asking for prices, but they didn’t have any intention of buying just a diversion tactic they had. It’s a good thing that our employee noticed that a box is missing and didn’t get carried away by their questions. She went out to inform the tricycle drivers outside to chase those people and they all started to run. They reached about two blocks and finally caught two of the men and brought back the stolen goods. They were taken to the nearest police station and the chairman arrived. The others got away. We’re glad that no one got hurt, that dad wasn’t there when it happened, that we got the goods back, and the officers were ready to help. They took photos of the thieves to be passed around the town.

Dad said that God is good to him. When he went out to get the car fixed the sun was too hot and when had to ride the public transport, dark clouds started to loom. When he was in the jeepney, the sun came out again; then when he arrived at his destination, with just a cap on his head, the clouds gave him the shade and even blew his hat away. It was about ten minute difference or else he’ll witness the stealing.

God has his way of relieving our fears, that what we should do is trust in His ways, it might turn out to be blurry picture, but always He would remind us that He is there.

From the Our Daily Bread:

“If we are so afraid of people that we stop following the Lord, we’re not trusting Him. It shows that we have doubted His plan, His power, and His promises. We have failed to recognize that He, above all others, is the One to be feared–which means that He is to be reverenced, trusted, loved, and obeyed.”

It’s not easy to not fear when danger lurks around our shoulders but if we trust in Him, he will deliver us from evil. We get chased by our fears, but God chases our fears away.



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