The Recital

Yesterday’s our grandmother’s 86th birthday. Due to the traffic conditions, the celebration was moved to this evening. Happy to gather together and see everyone after a long time. Though the time is short, it’s nice to see everyone doing fine.

This morning, I attended the recital of my niece. I’m grateful for the chance to watch their recital, to see her perform, it’s amazing that they have an avenue to harness the talents of the students. Thanks to my cousin for inviting me. Once again, I’m inspired to write a story or a piece. I think my niece did great on stage, cheers! We didn’t have recitals like this back then, I’d support more programs like the one I’ve seen, though pressured along the way, at least they get to enjoy learning music, playing an instrument and singing on stage.

I’m glad to visit our school grounds once again and observe the changes. Also happy to have seen some of my teachers and administrators back in elementary and high school, as well as the school driver and guards since we were kindergarten.

Suddenly inspired again to write, just have to find the time… 🙂


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