Recharging stations

觉得不管多忙都要为身边的人停下来。 我很佩服父母,表姐他们,老师们,不论多忙都有空陪小孩和为家庭做作所有事。看到小孩就面带笑容,还是很辛苦但在那一瞬间必定把累

Notes on the busy weeks:

Recently, I have been very busy but am glad for the times that we can go out with family, even just a short coffee break or a nice meal. I’m finally done with the tasks that I had to do these past three weeks. Just finished checking some projects this morning. Already done with the encoding job which was due for a week. Then I would turnover the transcriptions that I already finished which accumulated to 72 pages (29,680 words), about 290 mins run time. But after this, I might not accept a transcription job again, but the learning experience is fun all the same.

I really felt recharged even after joggling a lot of load, just the chance to spend time with family in the country or abroad or having a nice chat with my professor.



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