Enjoyed my cup of short cafe latte at Starbucks while reading Ng King Kang’s book TAKE OFF@2359. His ideas and thoughts are very inspiring and contains bits and pieces of everyday life, family life, social life as well as the individual. I get to smile while reading each entry of the essays. Just half an hour of that and I felt refreshed.

I realized that I can’t work on the transcription in our office because I forgot my earphones. I cannot broadcast the contents so I just played it when there’s no one around. But people already got in so I can’t continue anymore. I just did my research on the translation guides and rules on the net. I tried to back down from the transcription but it seems now that I can’t. He can’t find anyone else so I have to finish what I’ve started. It would really be a tedious work but just as the quote that my cousin shared, that if we write everyday, even just a two page or so, it would multiply and before we know it, we are able to write many pages and already can be formed into a book and from Ng King Kong’s book that it’s actually nice to be busy sometimes, to prove that we are still useful, to have many deadlines so that we can accomplish a lot of tasks. I figured that I just have to press a refresh button on my mind by reading an interesting book or writing a piece, also taking a walk helps to lighten the load, just like what we do on our browser when the internet is not loading or refreshing the computer to function more effectively.



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