Multi-tasking now

Recently I’ve been blessed to receive different job offers. So I’m multi-tasking again, and levelling the priorities that I may be able to accomplish the tasks given to me. I just received an encoding job for a textbook project, and another one just came in, a transcribing project which is due in a week. I hope I could accomplish everything on time. I’m currently translating and helping in the building of the corpora for a translation project. I’m learning a lot in the process. The transcribing job proved to be more difficult, and I’m about to give up on it, just finishing the ones I’ve started. I’ve done some transcriptions before, about 20 pages long single spacing. This time, it consists of a series of interviews, and I’m having quite a hard time catching the whole conversation, keep playing it back again and again. After the draft is done, I have to get back to it and play it again, to capture the interview verbatim. I suddenly remembered the time I had to do a subtitle project for our major subject in school. And we translated The Passion of the Christ. Since I have a video editor and I can do basic editing, I was the one who inserted the subtitles. I had to wait then for my groupmates to submit their parts. I immediately entered the ones that I’ve got. It was a taxing job, where I had to play the video over and over again, place the subtitles on cue while the characters spoke. It was done manually then, playing then pausing. That was during the holy week, it is very timely that I had to work on that film.  I saw the agony of Christ during the persecution, and mine was nothing compared to that.

This time though, the content is quite serious but I did take the advice to not mind the sensitive parts and erase them out of my system.  But it is true that there are things that you can’t just simply delete, or that you could avoid hearing the things that are being told to you. There’s no switch that you can turn off. And we could just hope that we become better at handling things. Just right now I want to retract on the transcription job. A lot of focus and time needed to do that and I might not have enough time to finish every interview. I kind of regret accepting this..

I’ve accomplished more than half of the lessons I’m encoding and still working on the translation. Don’t have much time to read or write now.


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