I remember an episode in Big Bang Theory where Sheldon was a bit down when Leonard found him. He told Sheldon, “Why don’t you take a walk?” Sheldon replied, “I already am.” He was playing RPG when Leonard arrived, his character there taking a walk into the woods, headed out to a bar to have a drink. After a bottle or so, he got quite drunk with digital alcohol. Nowadays, people could really be just speaking in digital terms as if they were real and actually doing the action or task. The world is evolving to a digitized world, where a comic strip that my sister saw presented how time differs before and now, people have fun doing different activities like playing, planting, sports then, while in the modern age, the people are doing different activities just by sitting down facing the monitor and running the computer, he could play some sports, plant, and many more. Before, the grounding of parents by saying, “Go to your room!” works because the kids become sad when they couldn’t go out. Today, if the parents say “Go to your room!” They get excited because they have lots of gadgets inside their room. Well, not unless the parents specifically enumerate what they can or cannot do, laptop, iPod shuffle, iTouch, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Game Boy, Wii.


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