Plants vs Zombies, etc.

It’s quite an addicting game but fun all the same. I used to just watch my sister play this game but just this January I tried it out for myself. I allot some time in a day for this game after I’ve accomplished the things I have to do, so now I guess this has become part of my routine. I’m not very good with games, especially RPG games and tactics. But my sister said that this game is about tactics. I remember watching her play Final Fantasy tactics and I could never quite get what she’s doing when no one’s moving even when they are in a battle. But just that the characters are walking in place and the player toggles the buttons to choose what action the each character is to do. I’ve tried out Star Ocean before which I enjoyed playing but couldn’t finish it, my siblings already finished the game and I’m still stuck. There was another 2D game that I played (I’m not sure if this is correct), it’s called Kingsley. I also had fun with this game though everyone else were complaining about Kingsley’s jump, he’s a fox and with lots of adventures and saving to do ahead of him. I also enjoyed the Family Computer games which later on was upgraded to Good Boy, Sega, and Game Boy. I had fun playing Super Mario (the different kinds), Mappy, Tetris, Circus, Snow Brothers, Yu Yu Hakusho, Mario Kart, etc. Playing RPG games takes a longer time, but it’s a fun game. I remember our professor in Philosophy in college pointing out about role-playing-games having multiple endings. He was asking about RPG and Animes and not gathering much response because a few people knew about it or simply just too bored to say anything. He saw that there was recognition in my face to what he is pertaining to. RPG games depend on how you play them but they prepared a set of different endings based on the decisions that the character or player chooses, the people he picked up along the way, the paths he had chosen, etc. It’s an adventure and an exploration.

I enjoyed battling with the zombies, and when too into the game, I felt my heart racing when the flood of zombies are reaching my house. Well, the zombies would eat your brains if you didn’t get to guard your frontline well. Every level is a new discovery and additional strategies are made to defend my home and brain. 😉

I still don’t have an iPod or some other gadget to play with so I have to open my laptop for games. I guess I know now why people are hooked to playing, even just allotting a part of that in their day.


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