Ease with peace

It’s natural to want to defend ourselves against injustice and to strike back. But if we’re quiet and peaceful when others mistreat and persecute us, we are responding in a Christlike way. God wants to develop in us qualities that are unnatural for us.
Anyone can be patient when everything’s going his or her way. The greater virtue is to remain calm and controlled under provocation(1 Peter 2:20).
Fenelon, a 17th-century theologian, put it this way: “Don’t be so upset when evil men and women defraud you. Let them do as they please; just seek to do the will of God…Silent peace and sweet fellowship with God will repay you for every evil thing done against you. Fix your eyes on God.” He allows painful situations to come into your life, and according to Fenelon, “He does this for your benefit.”
For your benefit? Indeed! As we respond to injustice in a Christlike way, our anxiety, insecurity, and pessimism will be transformed into tranquility, stability, and hope.

Why do we lash out when we are mistreated? why are we so quick to defend ourselves or to seek revenge? Is it not that we place too much value on our own comfort and rights? If so, we must pray,echoing the words of Augustine, “Heal me of this lust of mine to always vindicate myself.” –David Roper

Life can be lived with joy and peace
Amid its heartache and pain,
For with God’s help our hate can cease
And peace and justice will reign. –D. De Haan

(Taken from the Our Daily Bread)

Listening to my mentor while she was sharing her stories and the struggle she’s been through, I’ve realized that we all have our own set of problems that we could not escape. And as she was talking, I got to reflect on the similarities of our situation though it’s a completely different issue. She has come to some realizations and I too have learned a lot in the process. The reasons for our tears are quite similar, though some might take it differently, the important thing is we know who we are. In the midst of the trials, we could emerge scarred, yet the wounds will soon disappear and we’ll feel that we’re all healed up even when there are times that we are reminded of the bad things that happened, just this time we could laugh it off and could also be a meaningful experience that molded us to become who we are right now. And then we’ll feel at ease with peace in our hearts.


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