Cooking Cookies :)

Cooked these last weekend, I mean baked. Our oven is not working anymore so we baked in a portable cooking utensil. We had to manually turn each of the cookies halfway to let the other side cook and not get burned. So it did felt more like cooking. We couldn’t get the consistency of the cookies unlike when it is baked in the oven, but nevertheless we enjoyed cooking and eating them.

Above is our specialty of butter cookies which we’ve tried many times already from the recipe we learned from our H.S. home economics class thanks to our teacher. And below is our first try of Choco-Chip Cookies, not the one-step ready-to-mix one. So for the choco-chip cookies we had to flip it on the other side, and it felt like flipping pancakes.  We still have a pack of flour left unused. Hope to try some other recipes soon 🙂


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