Novak vs Nadal

The game of Djokovic and Nadal last night cheered me up. It was a nice ending to the 2012 Australian Open.  You’d get to be amazed by their endurance and stamina to withstand the whole game, about six hours of it. They noted the longest rally shot was 31 in their game. We went out to attend a dinner party and when we got back they are still playing. It’s amazing how they continued playing either side not willing to give up but obviously already tired. It’s a good game for both Nadal and Novak.

During the awarding session, you could see that they are really tired. Good thing that someone noticed it and grabbed a chair for each of them as well as two bottles of Evian water because there were some speeches before the awarding of the trophies.

Had a lot of fun watching the Australian Open. Happy to see great players and the supporters from different parts of the world who flew to Australia to cheer their team of players, to see Rod Laver in the Rod Laver Arena, and to the organizers of this event, the ballboys and girls, umpires, the host and the highlights of the tournament. Azarenka won over Sharapova. The Bryan brothers lost this time to Paes and Stepanek. Federer and Murray didn’t reach the finals again, but Murray put up a good match to Djokovic in an epic five-setter. As always in the game of tennis, sportsmanship is exhibited among the players.

Looking forward to the next tennis tournament. 🙂


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