Live in the moment

I’ve read in RD magazine about not leave our minds wandering most of the time could actually help us be happier. They conducted a study using an application and asked people around what they do when they’re not doing anything. Mostly replied that they get more depressed thinking about a lot of things, but once they’ve concentrated on doing an activity, it does help to get the worries out of your mind that at least at that moment you are happy.

Of course, it’s quite difficult to not let our minds wander to thoughts that occupy much of our life. But the advice they gave about focusing on the moment, do what you are doing and be absorbed in it, like when you’re working, playing games, or reading a book. You’ll be able to feel better by paying attention to what you’re busy at.

At times, it does help to think things through, that we’ll be able to understand the circumstances in life if we take time to consolidate our thoughts. And there are also times when we have to clear our minds of unnecessary thoughts and just enjoy the moment.


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