Before I went to bed last night, I watched the TV again.

It was 沈春华’s last day as news anchor at CTV’s primetime news. She will still be in the media but focusing on other programs. I like her very much, her witty insights and questions, and fluid conversing skills. She can still be seen on CTI. They featured a short dedication for her in their station and showed some clips about her past assignments and on field interviews.

On CNN, Megaupload has been shutdown by the US, and some alleged hackers were caught.

Tomic emerged victorious against Dolgopolov in the Australian Open, advancing to match with Roger Federer.

天天向上 featured 音乐才子, young musicians encouraging classical music and that even ordinary people who didn’t learn how to play it can enjoy it too. One of the guests is 薛啸秋 who plays the piano. He sampled the music from Mario Brother’s in different stages. It’s a lot of fun. Then the group of hosts said if he can play the theme from Plants VS Zombies and when he did, they all started performing as zombies being hit by the plants, and then turned around because the mushrooms are sitting across them. They edited bullets from the plants that shoots out as well as topping the heads with mushroom or other plants. Another guest 唐韵 is a violinist who shared his story of being beaten up by his father when he plays badly or a wrong note. One time, he got beaten up and was hospitalized. The doctor pushed through with putting a cast on him and the father didn’t like it, he got hit again even when it’s not his fault. Later on, the dad removed the cast earlier than the specified time because his son has to participate in a competition. He didn’t win then. But most of the time, he’s expected to get the top place. He still thanked his father because if not for him, he wouldn’t attain this level of expertise in the field of violin at such a young age. But the hosts were keen to let him revise what he said because then the parents who are in front of the screens would think being too strict would work when training their kids. So he added that the kids would run away in the end if it becomes too violent and hard to bare. The third musician guest 刘泷骏 is a guitarist who specializes in Flamenco. In the end of the segment, they were asked to play all together playing the piece Canon. I admire each one of them, how they love music, which is so vivid while they perform, immersed in the melody they are playing.

On 劉畊宏 (Will Liu) and his wife’s travel show, they went to Madame Tussauds Museum in New York and was toured by the personnel there. I found out a lot about the process of waxing and the history of Madame Tussaud. There’s a wax figure of her there. The guide shared that they don’t pay anyone to get the real person’s exact figure, it’s by invitation that they get to see the artists and make the corresponding life-size images. He said that the height is precise, it takes two to three months to make one waxed image which is made in London then shipped to the US and each one costs about 300,000 USD. Then some of the clothes of the artists featured are real, like the piece that Beyonce is wearing there is donated to them which she used in one of her music videos. I observed that their is much interactive, in that you can pose with the stars, use the props available, get the feel of being on the set or inside the movies, and be on tabs with the Hollywood stars. They also have a section where the staff would demonstrate how the waxing is made and get to experience it yourself. Looks like they had a lot of fun there.


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