Early Bird

I got up really early today at 430 am because my sister’s going on a trip and I like the idea of waking up early when you can do a lot of thins as the day is stretched. I thought I would feel drowsy or doze off for not taking in caffeine but I survived the day without coffee. Well, I guess by now I don’t really need coffee to awaken my senses anymore, no longer blood-type C. Cheers! So my professor was even worried that I’d submerge myself to drinking alcohol to relieve the anxiety and stress we’re feeling, but I said I don’t drink alcohol but I might plunge back into my coffee addiction. Then I assured her that I’m fine now, no longer zombie-like and reliant on caffeine. Right now, I drink for the aroma and the bittersweet taste of the freshly brewed beans.

I finished Rick Riordan’s Red Pyramid, a really great adventure to start the day, while I flipped through the programs that were aired at five in the morning. That’s really new for me, because we don’t get to watch television until the evening. I saw the program in a Taiwan station where they feature recommended films to watch. They showed a trailer of the movie HERO (痞子英雄) starred by Mark Zhao, and it was action-packed with good cinematography. I liked the drama series they made of 痞子英雄 which the good reception also encouraged the director and producers to make a movie to continue the story. It’s just sad that some original cast did not reprise their roles and some problems arose along the way. They also showed other trailers that will be showing in their cinemas soon. I can’t help but admire how their film industry is booming. Every time we watch a talk show, we see artists promoting a new movie. They are encouraging people to support their own films (支持国片). I hope we could also produce the same quality of films in the mainstream media. We have some art and indie films that don’t recognize much in the country, but have very much potential in joining the film awards abroad. The theater scene of Taiwan is also developing which people are not patronizing much yet, but slowly they include artists from the Idol dramas hoping to draw people’s attention. A live stage is a much different one, that won’t allow you to have NGs and is performed many times. I saw an episode of a talk show featuring the artists James Wen, Megan Lai, Bei An Lao shi, Wu Si Ai and the writer where they tackled the format of Idol dramas and also discussing the theater. They also promoted their musical play that is coming up. I saw a clip on a local news that The Bourne Legacy’s next shooting place is at NAIA Terminal 3. Hopefully, our local film industry will be inspired to make good quality films and not just making parts 2, 3, 4 and so on of the existing films.

TLC, they took me to France, to an old stone house where they prepared a simple recipe and enjoyed the meal of fish and vegetables, with the emulsion as the main ingredient. I didn’t catch the name because it was in French, but it is made of garlic, egg yolk and constant mashing using the mortar and pestle. It was made by the mother of the household and they even said that it is important to maintain the serenity while preparing that dish. If it didn’t turn out all right, their mother might blame that there are too many people in the kitchen. The host shared being able to experience a quiet life there, going to a local market shop and be greeted by familiar faces, there’s much simplicity in the neighborhood.

I watched Good Luck, Charlie! on Disney Channel which is a family drama and Charlie is a toddler with great acting skills. Then I turned to CNBC where they talked about the IBM’s increased earnings, as well as Intel and Microsoft. NatGeo featured the WuDang Clan. China still practices kungfu and have very good swordsmanship skills, that’s one of my dreams before to learn to handle the sword. It takes a lot of focus, meditation, determination and training to attain the level of the masters.

At 930am, I proceeded to work, screen the files and was able to finish all of them not until 530pm. While screening and renaming, I played the movie Hancock, and two Korean dramas. Also, I surfed for information about Taiwan movies. My eyes hurt after screening the files. I shall yet to begin translating again, I fear that my eyes would be sacrificed in the process. Also, I haven’t finished writing my story to be submitted at the end of the month, so I have to balance my time with that too. Better take up food rich in Vit. A and drink carrot juice.

Now off to read again, my goal is to finish the pending books and study so that I can pick out a new title again.


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