The Bourne Series

At length, Khan spoke. “In the Jungle I learned two mortal lessons. The first was to trust absolutely only myself. The second was to observe the most minute proprietaries of civilization because knowing your place in the world is the only thing standing between you and the anarchy of the jungle.”

The Bourne Legacy production team came to the Philippines to shoot. I saw footage of Rachel Weisz while shooting on the local news. She looks very professional and at the same time friendly. Some local policemen were included in the scenes, as well as a taxi driver, some local residents in the area and some kariton vendors. Attention is brought to the public about the closing of some roads for the filming.

I just finished reading The Bourne Dominion, which we bought the day we got stuck outside and couldn’t go home. A real accomplishment for me because I can’t seem to finish any book since last November. Having a motivation is good, that I have a goal set before me. It was a fast-paced read, with a lot of events happened and revelations until the last part of the book. I’ve decided to read the other titles in the series which we already have but just hadn’t got the chance to read them yet. I was able to read The Bourne Identity years back and watched the film The Bourne Supremacy. Now I’m reading The Bourne Ultimatum and soon will catch up on the book they are filming now. Eric Van Lustbader continued Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series starting from the fourth book in the series, The Bourne Legacy.

In Bourne Legacy, Bourne finds out that his son Joshua is still alive who is now a lack agent under the name of Khan. The character struggles with their identities, pressed with their duties and beliefs in life, forced into a web of ties that they could not easily free themselves from.


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