Master Chef’s Apprentice ;)

It was a lot of fun cooking with our cousins. This time, we managed on our own with the preparation of the ingredients and the cooking. We washed, peeled and sliced the ingredients (the potatoes, carrot, onion, garlic and ginger) as well as the chicken breast. We needed help with this; my cousin learned how to debone the chicken while we watched their cook do it. I remembered this step when I flipped the channel to a cooking show where the host is teaching the audience how to cut the roasted chicken. It’s quite similar how he cut up the breast part as when it is still raw. We prepared Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken and Asparagus Stir-Fry, Fried Kangkong with the dip. These were all on our first try, we just followed the recipe and through teamwork we accomplished the task at hand. The ingredients we prepared were just right, like when we needed just the egg yolk in our first recipe; we needed the egg white on our second to toss the chicken breast. Before, we needed our cooks to assist us all throughout because we’re really amateurs at cooking. We’re improving Master Chef! (we were all called apprentices of our cousin, the chief). For our snack, we prepared Molten Lava Chocolate Cake. Dad and Mom joined us for lunch just in time when we were about to finish cooking. We gave some for our uncle and aunt. Grateful for the food that we shared together and the time we spent cooking.

Here are some photos of what we enjoyed last Dec. 30.

I’m encouraged to cook again, also after almost all the channels I’ve turned to are all cooking shows. I got the chance to watch shows at TLC, Iron Chef, and our version of Master Chef (kids edition). It is inspiring to see their perseverance, determination, love for cooking and teaching.


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