A glance back…

A lot has happened in the year 2011. It was a great year though filled with unexpected events, it was exciting, fruitful and a meaningful year. There were surprises, disturbances, bad news on the clock, disasters, but also packed with adventures, celebrations, chances and good cheers.

We started the 8K puzzle challenge on the month of April and it’s nearly done. Also did some other puzzles, thanks to our sponsors for the puzzle gifts.

I got the chance to get my stories published, to help in editing some books, and to continue writing.

Many companies and organizations celebrated and commemorated their 100 years, including our University (DLSU).

The first time I got the chance to visit Boracay thanks to my cousins. It was a nice getaway from the city life, to get in touch with nature and God’s creations for a change. It is a great place to clear your mind, to relax and enjoy the sea as it changes colors throughout the day.

Happy for the chance to reconnect with cousins abroad and the ones in the country. I miss them very much, but grateful for technology that kept us bonded.

Glad for the opportunity to watch musical plays, visit different places that I’ve never been to and revisiting places that I’ve already been to.

I realized that I still couldn’t get too near with my cousin’s dogs, but I love hearing about their stories and how their doing. Watching them grow so fast with our every visit, and the updates we receive from their owners, you’d be amazed once again at how nature works.

Grateful for the chance to spend the holidays with my family and cousins; had a lot of fun cooking and playing. For our parents who arrived just in time to enjoy the food we prepared and for our aunt who is always one of the first tasters of our first-time cooking. We just look for a recipe and follow it, and most of the dishes we prepare are our first try. Looking forward for our next cooking time! Can’t wait for Timon to join us.

It was the first time we watched the fireworks this way. Running around excited from room to room to see what the neighbours had prepared. It’s like a fireworks display in surround and we were really amazed and kept saying, ‘Wow!’ It was definitely a different kind of New Year, adventurous, breathtaking, colourful, and at the same time peaceful. Stayed up late talking with my cousins and grateful for the stories they shared with us and for hearing ours too.

I learned and experienced a lot in the past year, I know there is more to discover this New Year.


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