Dry Swimming

Mahjong. This is what my dad calls ‘dry swimming’ or ‘Dien chiu be lat’ or studying as he would say when it comes to my aunt who is out with her friends playing. My cousins taught me how to play mahjong the other day. I remember when we were kids, we used to watch our parents play with our uncles and grandaunts on our living room in our old apartment every Sunday afternoon, but we never get to learn the game. Maybe, they just didn’t want to teach the game to the kids then because it’s part gambling. On occasions, we get to shuffle the cards/pieces and we really love the sound of that. We used to have a mahjong set and would sometimes play with it, pile up the cards and just imagine how they form the cards at the start of the game. We didn’t understand how the game should be played then. We’ve seen mahjong tournaments being held and televised games where celebrities and mahjong lovers join in the fun.

I had fun within those two hours of learning to play the game, though I need a lot of practice and an attentive spirit (I was really sleepy then and even slipped off my chair, hahaha). Thanks to my cousins and my sis for sharing the game with me.

This game is usually played in family gatherings, a quite nice way to bond, just till the game heats up and the atmosphere becomes serious. 🙂



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