Golden Apples

We received this as a gift this Christmas season from one of our grandaunts, my grandma’s sister. These are apples which we mistaken as pears. Well, my mom got a call about a case of apples and when our helper opened it, she said, it looks like pear. When I saw it, I thought the same thing. But once you got near it, you’d smell the fragrance of the apples right away. It’s very good. Thanks to our grandaunt for this chance to eat golden apples.

Mom sometimes buy the fruits of different color or the variant of the original, like golden cherries, yellow watermelon (which my brother and sister thought those were pineapple – already sliced up), pink dragonfruit (it’s usually white with seeds like the ones in kiwis but there are also those of pink textures when cut up), yellow kiwis, etc.


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