Glasses 101

I tried on my glasses as per advised by the eye doctor I visited. It wasn’t that bad, though at first I felt quite dizzy and not used to having a sudden increase in vision. When we got home from a dinner party, I wore it afterwards and it’s quite comfortable. Hope I could be able to adjust pretty soon. And she said that I might be able to do it in one week.

She’s encouraging me to use the glasses more often than my contact lenses, that once I get home, I should change back to glasses right away. And if I could sometimes just wear glasses for the whole day that would be recommendable too.

I was told some reminders about caring for the glasses. It is washable, just use soap and water and gently wash it. Use the cloth she provided to wipe it dry once it gets wet. Don’t use your shirt to dry it (which I’ve been doing for my past glasses and what dad’s doing to his glasses). If it’s not aligned I should bring it to her right away to adjust because I would get dizzy of the imbalance. She said that my astigmatism is quite high so there’s a huge difference if it gets misaligned.

Here’s a photo of my old glasses. It lasted for about twelve years or more than that.



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