Change of vision

Visited an optical store to change my frame and had my eye checked up for the new lenses. When we got to the store, a lady attended to me and asked what I needed. Finally, I will be changing my glasses. I guess if it hadn’t got broken, I wouldn’t change it yet. She let my try on several glasses, I’m pretty amazed at the lightness of the glasses they have now compared to what I have with me. I found out that my astigmatism increased, as well as the grade of my eyes. She checked my glasses and then she turned to me to ask how long had I been wearing that. I said since about grade six if I remember it right. I said I usually wear contact lenses and just change to glasses at home. The eye doctor advised me to rest my eyes if I can and remove the contact lenses for at least half day in a week. Use my glasses instead of contact lenses when I can. She said that once I get my glasses, I might experience dizziness because I would need time to get used to the increased grade. When I got home, I just wore glasses the whole day. Blurred vision is very uncomfortable. I suddenly felt I didn’t want to spend too much time on the computer. But I had some translation work to do so I finished it anyway and tried to do it as fast as I can. I finished all the other things I had to like burn my niece a copy of photos we had on vacation. I shutdown the laptop and chose to work on the puzzle instead (alright, that’s also using my eyes). And right now, I’m back on the computer to type this entry. It is very important to care for our eyes. There are so many things that we do that need our eyes. So I’ll take the opportunity to rest my eyes when given the chance to. I’ll also take more vitamin A like the yummy carrot juice we tried then.


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