On spilled coffee…

Lesson learned: put the cap/lid back on when drinking coffee or make sure that it’s placed tightly before moving it or motioning to drink it. So I guess, I’ll be checking that from now on.

I spilled coffee on my pants this morning. And I was wearing a dirty white pants, now it’s dirty. It was quite hot, but grateful that I didn’t burn myself because that was what got people worried. The coffee was really good even if I just chose the regular coffee from McDo which costs just Php25 and again am grateful that I didn’t spill the whole cup. The Americano is priced at Php78 and the cappuccino at Php88. It’s a good thing that I brought a coat with me that I used to cover the stain. My professors said that it’s not obvious and you won’t notice if you didn’t know. Earlier on, I even thought of buying pants (whatever it is they have there) from our bookstore. I did survive the day without doing that. The whole campus is decorated with Christmas decors and in the different buildings each featured different designs of “Belen” (where Jesus is in the manger with Joseph and Mary) made from recycled materials. There are also parols (Christmas stars) hanged on the plaza, the competition is up again for the best and creative designs. I planned to take pictures of the decors but forgot my camera. I’ll see if I can find another time to do that. I also got busy translating some 5K words.

It rained really hard today as if mimicking the typhoon season, well, at least in our area. It didn’t last long, since it was a thunderstorm. Dad said that it rained just a little in their part. And he was wondering how come there is flood on the street when he came to fetch me from his delivery errands. He was caught in the traffic earlier on because judges and court employees walk out and gathered at the Supreme Court.(http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/241628/news/nation/500-judges-court-employees-walk-out-in-support-of-corona)


When I got home, I played the DVD from my grandfather’s birthday which was highly recommended by my uncle (and finally found from the pile of things in my parents’ room. After that, I decided to work on the puzzle for about an hour and then work on the translation for the next hour. But I found myself still puzzling half an hour later. I’m really excited to finish it with my sister. We’ve reached the last pack of the puzzle and had a good progress last Saturday. Of course, I urged myself to stop because I have other things to do. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read a book later since I can’t bring myself to finish any on my list this month.

It’s been quite a rainy December. Dad said he heard the news last month where it said that it’s gonna be a wet Christmas season. Better get those raincoats and umbrellas out just to be prepared for the sudden change in the weather. Sunny in the past hour, clouds looming over the sky and the rain falls down, then the sun’s out again piercing our eyes and giving us light.


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