Freeing the mind

It might be difficult to push away bad thoughts and anxiety all together. But this article below reminded me to let joy take the place of our worries, our minds be filled with prayer and supplication. And then we’d see the change in our attitude. The gray skies become clearer, the rain might not go away, but who said that rain is not a form of blessing? It’s a way to catch our breath, emptying our thoughts and renewing our spirit.

Our minds can be kept free of anxiety as we dump the load of our cares on the Lord in prayer. By getting rid of the stuff that drags us down, we create space for joy to take its place.

Think of it like this: Circumstances occur that could easily crush us. They may originate on the job or at home or even during the weekend when we are relaxing. Unexpectedly, they come. Immediately we have a choice to make…an attitude choice. We can hand the circumstances to God and ask Him to take control or we can toll up our mental sleeves and slug it out. Joy awaits our decision.


(Taken from Charles Swindoll’s Wisdom for the way: Free of Anxiety)


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