The Price is Right

Mom would usually show me an item and let’s me guess how much it costs. It could be a creative item in the market or fashion accessories and clothes. I would usually get it right or get as close to the original price. She would also share her recent bargain purchases and ask me if I know how much she got it for. I would be able to get the price, sometimes after a few guesses.

I used to watch a few episodes of The Price is Right, or if I remember it right, my sister gets the chance to watch this much often because she flips to this channel late at night when there’s nothing else to watch on cable TV.

There are also some shows in Taiwan where they let the guests guess the price of a certain item and that you should either get really close to the price or guess the exact price.

In terms of goods being sold, we look at the quality of the product and it doesn’t mean that it’s too cheap that it’s of a poor quality, but there are goods that exhibit such quality. And then there are expensive goods that are too pricey for the item, but there are also good quality products that are worth the price.

I’ve learned to flip on magazines, observe the price tags of the products in the supermarket or stores in the mall, take note of the price of the food we consume, and I know I have a lot more to learn. I think it’s helpful to know the price range of different goods so that we can weigh if something is worth buying or is too overpriced. One can also look at the high-end products and scout for a similar design or item for a much lesser cost. It’s hard nowadays to earn money with tons of bills and taxes to pay, plus the lump sum of money (aside from the legal dues) the different government agencies demand from you that you simply just can’t steer away from. Peace!


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