Let them fall

I noticed the wound on my dad’s hand. I asked him what happened to it. He said it was pierced by the metal while trying to catch the calender that fell from where it was hooked. He didn’t notice the sharp edge of the metal where it landed on his hand.

I asked him why he tried to catch it, he should’ve just let it fall.

He said, next time, he will just let things fall on their own, and just pick it up later.

Reflection on life: Sometimes you have to let things fall on their own, take its own course, because if you try to catch it you might get wounded in the process. Chances are they won’t need someone to catch them. Or maybe they need to take the fall this time. I remember how my sister used to blame gravity when things are falling down, nonstop, and she had to pick them up again and again. When something falls, she’s say, “Gravity.” Sometimes the pull of gravity is too strong that we don’t have the capability to catch every single thing before it touches the ground. So we let things fall.


2 thoughts on “Let them fall

  1. Hehe.. a spur of the moment, that was the initial reaction I had after finding out what happened. Remember me being a klutz, usually obtaining a bruise here or a cut? Hahaha. The reflection though might be a reflection to what’s happening 😉

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