Inner Peace

*Photo not mine. No copyright infringement intended.

My sister urged me to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 because of the cute baby panda, also reminded me after we saw the news on TV about the newborn baby pandas.


In an encounter with Shan, Poe was asked, “How did you find peace?” After all he’s done to Poe’s family, to harm him…

He said, “See that’s the thing Shan, scars heal.”

“No, they don’t. Wounds heal.”

“What do scars do? They fade I guess?”

“I don’t care what scars do.”

“You should, Shan, you gotta let go of that thing in the past, because it just doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.”

And Shan still chose to take down Poe but failed.

Wounds heal, but somehow scars linger for such a long time, and the inner pain that is not visible to the eye still consumes us from time to time. I think I have always thought this way. But it’s not holding a grudge of what has been done to you. We get to have a clean slate every single time. Yes, we may do something wrong to a person but it doesn’t count on our daily encounters. It’s as if every meeting has a new beginning, a new chance to start over. You don’t look at a person and say that’s the one who did this and did that to me the last time.

It’s difficult to attain inner peace, yet we have to try. I remember what my professors shared about their surgeries. They got better after the procedures but they say once you’ve been opened up, there’s always this pain that comes around the time when it’s too cold. I know I’m bothered myself at times with the injuries I’ve obtained from falling down. There’s still the memory of pain, and when it strikes back, it’s as if it has never disappeared. But I’m inspired with Poe’s perspective. Usually I get something like wounds heal, but the scars remain. Once you think about it in Poe’s view, he’s right, because ‘those things in the past just doesn’t matter’ and you’ll just suffer recounting each of them. Letting go may be difficult but it’s something we should do. It is easier said than done. But we should not dwell in the past because it will just eat us up. It doesn’t mean that we’ll just choose to feel what’s good, we’ll also have to feel the pain. I’ve read in the book “Happier” that “To be happy, we have to feel that, on the whole; whatever sorrows, trials, and tribulations we may encounter, we still experience the joy of being alive.” Inner peace could take us time to attain that state but at the very least we could make a habit of reflecting on the positive memories which will create optimistic results. Change could be experienced in little steps and be reflected in our actions. Practice makes perfect after all, if not to perfection, at least of good result. The author also shared the fact about how routines have helped us get through each day. So developing habits of focusing on the good counts could get us very far, and gain peace inside us bit by bit.


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