Dong Yi

A tree with weak roots will topple over at the slightest breeze. – Dong Yi

It’s not easy to be involved into politics, and many times we just avoid what we can but realize that we couldn’t totally escape it. It catches us everywhere we go. As much as we want to live a simple normal life, politics seem to revolve around us. Dong Yi strived so that she wouldn’t be involved in politics, that her child wouldn’t have to be subjected to danger due to power struggles. But in the end she realized that the only way to protect her child is to let him be successor to the king. She proved through her ways that she wanted what’s fair and right and not compromising anyone.


A 60-episode historical fiction drama of Dong Yi’s life and how she rose to power from a position of slave and branded criminal when her father died accused of a murder he didn’t commit; we saw how her fate evolved and witnessed the great life she possessed because of her pure heart. Countless times she fell on harm’s way, but emerged victorious every time. Her first son died of measles when he was still an infant. She got the chance to have another son who became future king of Joseon Dynasty. The young boy is gifted with majestic qualities that aided people to see his abilities despite his lowborn origin.


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