Tripping Power

A traffic enforcer tried to stop us and we wondered what violation he would invent. Because the traffic halted, he had the chance to catch up on us. He asked to see dad’s license which we were very persistent that he has no right to get it. We learned from previous experience not to hand the officers the driver’s license, because from what happened with my brother, the officer confiscated his license, which was illegal for a minor offense. The officer asked us to take the vehicle aside to not block the way. He said that we passed through the red light. But dad said that the traffic light turned orange and we were in the middle of the road, so what do we do? Back-up or stop in the middle? We argued that there were a lot of jeepney stopping wherever and whenever they want, are they being caught? We added that there were a lot of pedestrians crossing then and when the traffic light hit go for our lane. He said that, the pedestrians were passing there because there was no pedestrian lane in that area. Then my sister said, so they should not even be crossing there in the first place. We asked why they are not being apprehended. Come to think of it, if they are really enforcing the laws, they could gather a lot from law violators, not just motorists, and get a lot of funds for the government. Maybe we should draw a list for them with illustrations so they could better enforce the law, the corresponding penalties to violations. Like, littering or spitting in public places, stopping in unloading zones, jaywalking, smoking while driving, traveling with no helmets (even traffic enforcers and policemen don’t wear one), etc.  We got angry this time. It’s more of because they are trying to pin on us something we didn’t do, and when you see everyday how VIPs get their way, no WANG WANG, but they have escorts and the MMDAs/city hall officers/PNP halts the traffic even when the green light is on to let them pass or how they just pick who to enforce the law on; you’d be saddened by it. I’d like to replace the Wang Wang with ‘Bok Bok’, their sirens now really sounds like that. In the end, the officer let us go.

Should’ve said Mayor Lim’s slogan which is “The law applies to all otherwise none at all.” If we see them enforcing the laws to everyone, then we won’t feel unjust. And if they could guide the people to the right direction and not wait for them to violate the law and smile as if to say, got ya! Then they would gain our respect. But the slogan of the Manila Police itself says that, ‘it’s hard to be humble when you’re the finest’, and you see them act arrogant using their badge and power.

We’re watching 真的汉子 (Next Heroes), a series about police officers and the unjust society. It’s still a struggle for the officers to have the offenders in their hands and yet let them get away. We get furious by the injustices of society, yet even if you are authority itself, there’s no guarantee that you can catch them and bring judgment to them. And this world has a lot of red tape that you cannot cross or just break. So it becomes harder for the law-abiding citizens and the true enforcers of law. But they portrayed in this drama that there are good police officers who struggle to defend the people, while at the same time there are shady realities we just can’t get away from.


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