Wise counsel

I’m grateful for the mentors and wise counsels that I receive, for people who listen and understands, and for the guidance He has given me. The Voice of Truth has led me to this day, though I might be stubborn at times to hear His whispers, I know I’m blessed that He opened my heart to hear that still voice that could calm the storm and warm my spirits.

God’s voice isn’t all that difficult to hear. In fact, you almost have to be closing your eyes and shopping your ears to miss it. He sometimes shouts through our pain, whispers to us while we’re relaxing on vacation, occasionally He sings to us in a song, and warns us through the sixty-six books of His written Word. It’s right there, ink on paper. Count on it—that book will never lead you astray.

In addition to His unfailing source of wisdom, He has given you wise counsellors, friends, acquaintances, parents, teachers, and mentors who have earned your love and respect through long years. Screen what you believe to be the will of God through their thoughts, their perspectives. Does your conviction about the direction you’re headed grow, or are you seeing lots of red flags and caution signs? Before you undertake a major life-direction change, be very careful that it is God’s voice, that is God’s call you are hearing.

(Taken from Charles Swindoll’s Wisdom for the way)


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