Seussical the Musical

My cousin got free tickets for this show. We didn’t have any idea what we are going to watch. And once we entered the theater, we noticed that the songs being played in the background are kid’s songs and the audience are filled with family and children. It turned out to be a kid’s musical but also very suitable for adults. It was a great show with a wonderful cast that gave out their best on stage. I enjoyed that afternoon. Seated in front of us is the family of the boy who played Jojo, and we see his family very proud of him. I admire his stage presence at such a young age, his grasp of the expressions for the specific scene portrayed.

The music still reverberating in my mind, “Oh, the Thinks that you can think, when you open your mind. There’s a lot you can be…” and Horton’s “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” It taught us about how important it is to be able to imagine, that things are possible if we put our heart into it.

I’ve seen a movie animation entitled, “Horton Hears a Who” and the play portrayed parts of the film. And I was reminded of the story of Horton. The play opened with Dr. Seuss’ Hat.

Horton the elephant protects the Whoville with all his might. He had gone through different ordeals even to the point of being thought as crazy and different by his fellow animals in the jungle and losing the flower in the fields. When Mazie La Bird tricked him into nesting her egg, she travelled to different places and finally they met at the circus. And once again, Mazie La Bird escaped. Later on, the other animals catches on Horton and they resolve everything together. The egg hatches into an elephant bird.

After dinner, we visited Fullybooked and saw a shelf filled with Dr. Seuss’ books. Haven’t read even one of those, but glad to have been introduced to a fantastical world.


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