I’m lost in confusion on which way to go, what road to choose
I can’t move forward yet, I don’t know how…
Stagnant in the position I am now
though even this is unclear.
Where shall I go? What shall I be? I know not.
Maybe I’m just afraid to step forward
for I’m not familiar with what’s ahead
But I really don’t know which way to turn
Because I could not answer how…
And until I do, the path is uncertain.

When I look back on how my life came to be.
I discover trails of hope and traces of God’s provisions
I am not alone in my past quests for Thou art with me
Speeding through the roadway
He gave me the ticket to slowdown
To breathe… to experience life
that in each trial we face
we have the capacity to accomplish them successfully
By not losing hope
By not giving in to failure
But by embracing those though His guidance
Finally bringing out the brilliance
of the once unpolished stone

(March 3, 2006)


2 thoughts on “Unpolished

  1. When I was in China, I was feeling the exact thing 🙂 Where should I go? Funny how we’re all different, and yet the same.

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