Walls are built  to guard our hearts, walls are put up to shield our mind.

But at one point in time, the walls have to come down, probably leaving us vulnerable and in plain sight, we are not alone in this battle or endeavor whichever circumstance it may be. He is with us all through the way, to guide us and guard our spirit.

All walls fall . . . eventually. No matter how well-constructed or long-standing it is, the wall will fall. It may be as intimidating as an angry giant or as silent as thin air and just as invisible, like the stubborn will of a person or the bitter spirit of an individual. But all walls finally fall.

Anyone who knows even a little history knows how true that is. To this day, archeologists’ spades continue to unearth the fallen walls of the world’s great empire. Egyptian walls. Grecian walls. Roman walls. French walls. German walls. Russian walls. . .

All walls finally fall. Even our own. Even those built up against us. In the final analysis, Christ conquers! . .. There is no wall so great but that He is not greater still.

(Taken from Charles Swindoll’s Wisdom for the way, “All Walls Finally Fall”)


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