Jumping into the ship

This entry from a devotional book inspired me, so I just want to share it. I noticed that our lives are filled with ships that we board. Kinship, friendship, fellowship, and the word relationship itself has a ‘ship’ in it. It’s an essential part of our life. Sometimes we have to bring down the walls to let others touch our lives and in the same manner or in a different way, we can also do the same to them.

It is only when I share life’s experiences with others that I can enjoy them or endure them to the greatest advantage. This is what the early Christians did. They learned quickly that survival would go hand-in-hand with “fellowship.” …

You see, having a relationship calls for being in fellowship with others, and that cannot be done very easily at arm’s length. It implies getting in touch, feeling the hurts, being an instrument of encouragement and healing. Fences must come down. Masks need to come off. Welcome signs need to be hung outside the door. Keys to the locks in our lives must be duplicated and distributed. Bridges need to be lowered that allow others to cross the moat and then share our joys and our sorrows.

(Taken from Charles Swindoll’s Wisdom for the Way, an entry entitled ‘Hand-in-hand”.)


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