Book Marathon

I’m challenging myself to read as much books as I can. Just finished The Magician and Mini Shopaholic which was a fun book to read, you’d get drag on to Becky’s crazy ideas yet you’d get to admire her ability to do great things. Right now, I’m about to finish Grisham’s The Confession, starting on Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid and Ha-Joon Chang’s Bad Samaritan. I’m determined to finish many books and have decided to just read the ones that I can finish and the titles that I like.

Catacombes de Paris While reading Michael Scott’s The Magician, it’s like I’ve got the chance to tour Paris through the adventures of Sophie and Josh, with the Alchemyst Nicholas Flamel, Scatty, meeting Joan of Arc and her husband Germaine. Things just happened within three days, but it was quite a journey. I looked up the catacombs and found pictures of it, it has an interesting story and quite a creepy one.  There was a time when the number of people dying are too many and they had no more place for the bodies. I googled the catacombs and found creepy pictures of it. I still browsed though it and saw stories attached to it. There were a lot going on down there, people have put up  

沉睡的森林 Also finished reading a Japanese Detective novel (translated to Chinese). It took me a long while to finish it. But once I’d concentrated, where I had nothing else to do but that through the waiting time, I instantly got hooked. It was divided into four parts where someone is found murdered at the end of each part. The police got derailed into finding the murderer, they were misled to a name who was also guilty of a crime. The ballet dancers helped one another into fabricating the killer and end up not convicting anyone. Until the last chapter, I’m still wondering who the committed the murder. The sad reality is there are things that happen and we couldn’t escape the tragedies. On self defense, Wei Xu accidentally killed the intruder to protect a fellow ballerina. They covered everything up. Wei Xu’s friend confessed to the police on grounds of self-defense. She did this to protect her friend, also because Wei Xu’s body got affected by the accident where her friend was driving. She would soon lose her hearing but she wanted to perform her last. The explanation at the end said that the sleeping beauty (Wei Xu) needed to be awakened by a prince (the detective), and it was the one thing to save her from all that has happened.

Next on my list are:
The Sorceress
The Necromancer
The Warlock
Haruki Murakami’s Underground
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’s Nests
Two more books of Sophie Kinsella
Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox
The Dollar Meltdown
The Pixar Touch
…and more


6 thoughts on “Book Marathon

  1. I literally live one station a way from Catacombes de Paris!

    Cousins! You should visit this city. Earlier, I went with some Filipino friends (who live in Hungary) at Tour Eiffel and Sacre-Coeur, and at night, Paris is so beautiful. It’s inspiring.

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