Just Passing by…

A passerby passes by countless roads and people. Passing by does not need an intimate interconnection, sometimes one might bump into a stranger and exchange a weird reaction. At times it happens to be familiar meeting. More often, it is a mere exchange of meaningless glances (or meaningful for others), depends on how one reads it. The individual has his own business to attend to, so just a moment is spared. Some passerby leave meaningful remarks even as they part. In our daily encounters, we come across different people – passerby, as we might call them. Some leave imprints in our life, some just happen to pass by.

I don’t know how I can actually pass by people I hope to meet and get to know. But somehow I’m glad I was able to pass them by even though if they are just marked by a distant memory. Some offer a lending hand, some already have a handful of things to deal with. Some become friends and some remain strangers. Some had an impact in our life and one day passes us by.


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