Wayward Kenting 我在墾丁天氣晴

Finally, I got this chance to watch the series. I liked this particular scene where Han Wun (Eddie Peng) was feeling a bit low, thinking things through about his life and what has become of him when his good friend Liang arrived. She told Han Wun not to worry about what his dad said. Han Wun told a story about his old hermit crab pet. Hermit crabs have a protective shell over their shoulders where they could hide and stay, but then it grows and is no longer fitting for the shell. Han Wun tried to find a bigger shell and urged his hermit crab to transfer to another shell. But the hermit crab refused to leave his old shell until one day he died because the shell could no longer hold his body. He then said that he feels that he is the hermit crab. Everyone has moved on and he still remained where he is. Both his childhood friends graduated and got stable jobs, but he seems to be going nowhere. He decided to continue the business they had in mind, he told Liang that he wanted to do this thing alone. But Liang said that he should accept whatever help he can get. But he said that it’s time that he do something on his own, that he move on to another shell and accept life’s challenges. Everybody seems to have done so, took the risk and survived. He doesn’t want to hide in his protective shell anymore, He is no longer afraid to take the risk and see what happens.


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