Puzzle treat

Last Sunday, we attended a relative’s wedding. While waiting for the time, we ate at Toast Box, which is my second time. The first time was with my cousin where we tried out their milk tea. This time we ordered food for snacks. I had Teh this time. After the snack, we found out about the puzzle activity at Hobbes and Landes. We immediately got hooked and signed up for the activity, though technically we started before signing our names. They gave us coupon for free toppings for Yoghurt Froz for participating. We accomplished the puzzle for the day. We didn’t start everything from scratch, just picked up where people left off, but glad that we finished on time before we had to leave. Puzzle addicts! 🙂  I don’t have my camera with me so wasn’t able to take a photo.

Then today, my nephews were talking about the glow-in-the-dark puzzle they have. My sister’s face lights up at the puzzle word. Hope that we could find time to work on that together. Also, we cant’ help but get excited on completing the 8K puzzle even when we’re not sure where to put it afterwards.


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