As we pass by Roxas Blvd, I saw the big trees scraped off their skin, moved by the strong current and gush of wind, scarred by nature’s a. The coconut trees though remained unharmed, standing firmly rooted on the ground. I saw footage and pictures of the Baywalk where the thin stalks of trees bend where the wind pushes and still stand tall even after the storm. I remember we were taught in school of the resiliency of the coconut tree and the bamboo tree, they sway with the wind, and are able to withstand the force.

I learned how things can be different for each one of us especially if we attribute them to our experiences. Sometimes a single experience could strike a huge deal of us and could affect our perspective and sensitivity on that particular subject and probably other strings attached to it. We grip so hard until it’s too much to bear.

If we are resilient, we could swing through the music of life, whether it be a smooth one or a loud bang. We could be flexible like the coconut trees and prevent ourselves from getting hurt, at the same time, we’ll be able to ride the tides wherever it may take us.


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