Remember Gumby?

Today, I was instantly interested on Google’s homepage. They featured Gumby and the other characters from the clay animation. I loved this show, but never really did find out who created it. Thanks for Google Doodle, I learned that it’s Art Clokey’s 90th birthday, born on October 12, 1921 was the creator of Gumbasia and a pioneer at stop motion clay animation. I had fun watching this on our local TV when we were younger. We were amazed at how they made the animation using clay. 

Playing with clay is one fun activity.  One can make 2-D or 3-D figures. We were lucky enough to be given by our godparents some play-doh to play with, where there are specific utensils you can use to create and re-create things like hair for the characters they provided, food like pizza and spaghetti, etc. I remember helping my nephew out on his project where they were asked to make a zoo. I had a hard time making the animals for fear of not resembling the real thing or at least be recognized. Then another time, they asked me to make a supermarket on just a microwavable disposable tupperware. It was nice to make something out of clay and using different colors to mold something out of our hands.

To read more about the creator and his creations, here’s a link:

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