Play Resume…and I can’t hit the pause button

Before the event, it’s as if everything stopped and we couldn’t do anything other than the task at hand. It took me months to finish the videos to be played at my grandfather’s birthday, also to wait for last minute submissions of photographs. My sister said that it’s like working on a project in school, only it took a longer time for people to give their part. I’m glad that everything turned out well. Thanks to my siblings and cousins. Great teamwork! Happy 95th birthday to Angkong, who loves to eat and has a smile that is bound to cheer you up; and my deepest gratitude to ama, who’s always been there and provides for everyone’s needs. She’s like a superwoman who has a control room where she responds to her family anytime of the day. Happy 85th birthday, Ama!

Now, I’m back on track writing, which is a good thing, because I have stopped for a while. I now have time to catch up with my readings, studying, language lessons, and we might finally continue with the 8K puzzle challenge, back to checking papers and recording. I was under the influence of coffee then, now I’m back to tea.

But just when I had the time to organize the things I had to do, I realized that I have a lot on my hands. I even accepted another part-time work which I hope won’t be time-consuming or else I won’t have time to finish the short stories I have to submit till the end of the year. First off, I have a deadline this coming October 15, for a translation entry. Then for the month of November I hope to participate in the write a novel (50,000 words) for a month. Another deadline for a short story submission I found online is on December 15. And two more stories for next year. Tons of drafts to sort out. I’m used to writing longhand especially when outside and I don’t have any gadget with me. Then, I also have pictures to select and sort. I have to work double time.

I remembered what my cousin said about those who doesn’t have work (well, a concrete one), turns out to be the busy ones. You’d notice that you have so many things that you have to do and time pass by so quickly. Sometimes you’d wish time could slow down a bit but it won’t, so don’t have much time to pause this time.

Got to go!


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