Postage Stamps

I’m not used to writing letters that requires postage stamps. I aid not know then how many stamps to put, nor have the chance to mail them. So I used to write letters and make cards and hand it to people personally. But I do received post cards from my cousin abroad. When visiting a country, she would buy a local postcard and mail it to people she knows. She said that it’s nice to receive a surprise postcard once in a while and to let them know where you are. They have mailing posts where you can just drop your envelope. I had the opportunity to do this when I visited them. She made me write postcards when we went to Taipei 101. E-cards are popular nowadays and most people just send their greetings through social networks. But it’s also nice to be able to give out tangible cards in a technology-driven world.

My other cousin’s collection before are stamps, she taught us how to store them. It would be a fun Saturday afternoon. We have to fill the basins with water, put the stamps to wash off the glue, and then let them sit to dry. We would lay them out on old newspapers, wait by taking a nap or eating some snack. After that, it could be stored in a box or a can, compiled in an album. Now, we no longer have stamps to collect.


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