The influx of shows

Recently, there are many titles popping out like Stomp, Mamma Mia!, Cinderella, Sound of Music, etc. I’m reminded of my cousin and grateful that we had the chance to watch three shows together namely, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Artistry of Thanos Adanapolous, and Encantada.

We wondered why we noticed just now the advertisements of theatre and ballet shows, but maybe it’s because they are much informative these days regarding art and culture programs or the hosts are big so they get to broadcast the events to people, or we were just not paying attention before. We missed the Cinderella already and another ballet show called Inamorata by Ballet Philippines, also at CCP.



Peter Pan and Little Mermaid will also be shown in the coming months. Some tickets are quite expensive, but we still found affordable rates to enjoy a show. We’ll probably watch Sleeping Beauty by Ballet Philippines on December. This is the third show on their 42nd Season themed “Faces of Eve”.

Can’t wait for my cousin to come home so we could watch shows together.

*Photos are not mine.


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